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Field of Screams Temporary Cover




GHOST-HUNTING ENTHUSIAST REBECCA GRAFF isn’t happy about being dragged to Iowa to spend the summer with family she barely knows. But when she tracks a ghostly presence to a nearby abandoned farmhouse, she starts to think the summer won’t be a total lost cause!

The trouble is no one around her believes in ghosts. Then Rebecca finds a note stashed in a comic belonging to her late father—a note that proves the same ghost haunted him when he was twelve. Suddenly she feels a connection to the dad she pretends not to miss, and she becomes determined to uncover the story behind the haunting. And after she finds crumbling diary pages that hint at a long-buried family secret, Rebecca fears that something new has disturbed the ghost. Soon she is in a race to piece together the puzzle and recover a family legacy before it is lost forever—and a horrible tragedy repeats itself.


Author's note

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In summer 2011, I visited my dad and stepmom near Clear Lake, Iowa. One day I went on a bike ride around the lake, through some woods, and down a cornfield-lined country road. Then I spied an intriguing sight - nestled under tall trees at the end of a long, grassy driveway sat an abandoned farmhouse. I immediately jumped off my bike, hopped the fence and took some pictures. I thought, “Who lived here? What happened here? I should write a ghost story about this place.” My imagination took flight. Though the house in my book ended up a bit different than the one I stumbled across all those years ago, that encounter is what inspired FIELD OF SCREAMS. Below are some photos I took that day.

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