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Field of Screams by Wendy Parris. A girl with dark hair, a green shirt, and a backpack standing in a creepy field of corn, facing the orange-red sunset.


OUT AUGUST 1, 2023


PARANORMAL ENTHUSIAST REBECCA GRAFF isn’t happy about being dragged to Iowa to spend the summer with family she barely knows. But when she tracks a ghostly presence to a nearby abandoned farmhouse, she starts to think the summer won’t be a total lost cause!

The trouble is no one believes her. Then Rebecca finds a note stashed in a comic belonging to her late father—a note that proves the same ghost haunted him when he was twelve. Suddenly she feels a connection to the dad she pretends not to miss, and she becomes determined to uncover the story behind the haunting. But the more Rebecca discovers, the scarier the ghost becomes. Soon she is in a race to piece together the puzzle and recover a family legacy before it is lost forever—and a horrible tragedy repeats itself.


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In summer 2011, I visited my dad and stepmom near Clear Lake, Iowa. One day I went on a bike ride around the lake, through some woods, and down a cornfield-lined country road. Then I spied an intriguing sight - nestled under tall trees at the end of a long, grassy driveway sat an abandoned farmhouse. I immediately jumped off my bike, hopped the fence and took some pictures. I thought, “Who lived here? What happened here? I should write a ghost story about this place.” Though the house in my book ended up a bit different than the one I stumbled across all those years ago, that encounter is what inspired Field of Screams. Below are some photos I took that day.

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